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Explore the journeys of diverse businesses that have experienced remarkable growth and revitalisation through our strategic marketing interventions.

Each case study is a testament to our commitment to driving success and fostering innovation, illuminating how our tailored approaches have turned challenges into triumphs.

£5,000 to £50,000 for Boiler Pointer Ltd

Waqas Arshad

Boiler Pointer - Slough

Hello, I'm Waqas Arshad, the proud owner of Boiler Pointer Ltd, a heating and plumbing company rooted in the heart of the United Kingdom. Before I share our success story, let me paint a picture of where we were. Despite our dedication and hard work, our monthly profits stagnated at around £5,000.

Our visibility in the market was minimal, and our previous marketing efforts seemed to vanish into thin air, especially during the challenging winter of 2022/23.

Desperate for a change and hungry for growth, I reached out to Amrit Basran, the dynamic CEO of Social Voodoo. I had heard of his reputation for transforming businesses with his strategic marketing prowess, and I was eager to see what he could do for Boiler Pointer Ltd.

The Transformation Begins

Amrit's approach was refreshingly different. He took the time to delve deep into understanding our business, our goals, our challenges, and what made us unique. With this foundation, he crafted a marketing strategy that felt tailor-made for us.

His insights into the market were eye-opening. He pinpointed areas we had overlooked and identified untapped market segments ripe for our services. He used Panjab Radio as the main platform while I intended to use other radio stations that I though were bigger and better. His ability to decide on the right platform that resonated with our target audience, not only impressed me but also brought results he had promised and what truly stood out was Amrit's clear and actionable guidance. Every step, every recommendation was communicated with clarity, making it effortless for us to transition from strategy to execution.

The Results Speak for Themselves

In just three months, the transformation was nothing short of miraculous. Our profits catapulted from £5,000 to a staggering £25,000 per month. But it wasn't just about the numbers. We felt a shift in our market presence, our brand awareness, and our position in the industry. We weren't just another heating and plumbing company; we were becoming a leader.

Amrit's dedication was palpable. It felt like he was as invested in our success as we were. And beyond the immediate results, he equipped us with the knowledge and tools to ensure our growth was sustainable.

A Partnership That Changed Everything

Looking back, partnering with Amrit Basran was one of the best decisions I've made for Boiler Pointer Ltd. Our success story is a testament to Amrit's unmatched strategic marketing expertise.

For businesses out there seeking a transformative journey, I can't recommend Social Voodoo enough. With Amrit at the helm, you're not just getting a marketing expert; you're getting a partner genuinely dedicated to your success.

Thank you, Amrit and the Social Voodoo team, for turning our dreams into reality.

Warm regards,

Waqas Arshad

Owner, Boiler Pointer Ltd.

My Journey Back to £100,000 Plus

Harry Singh

Amazon enterpreneure

Hello, I'm Harry Singh, an Amazon entrepreneur who once felt on top of the world with an e-commerce venture that saw a monthly turnover of £100,000. But as the saying goes, "It's lonely at the top." While my business thrived, my passion dwindled, and I felt like I was losing grip on the very venture I had built from scratch.

The challenges began to pile up, and the business that was once my pride and joy started to feel like a burden. I was at a crossroads, unsure of which direction to take. The enterprise had grown so vast that I felt like a stranger in my own kingdom.

Enter Amrit Basran

In November 2022, in what I can only describe as serendipity, I crossed paths with Amrit Basran. One of my relatives told me about him as she was his regular listener of his radio show. She told me about his expertise in marketing and business growth. I was not sure because I had never met him. Discussing my problems with a stranger seemd silly but she convinced me to just have one phone call with him. So finally I gave in and made the call. Within a few minutes, I felt like I had known him my entire life! What struck me most was his genuine willingness to help, even though neither I was his client nor a friend.

A Mentorship Like No Other

Amrit's approach was refreshingly personal. He took the time to listen, truly listen, to my story, my successes, and my challenges. It wasn't just about business strategies and growth tactics; it was about understanding my journey and reigniting the passion that had once driven me.

His proactive check-ins, his invaluable insights, and his genuine care became my guiding light. I found myself turning to him for advice on significant decisions, and his guidance never steered me wrong.

With Amrit's mentorship, I began to see a shift. The passion that had once eluded me was now back, stronger than ever. I regained control of my business and felt empowered to make decisions that aligned with my vision. In no time I was back in the driver's seat, sending pallets of shipments not just to the UK Amazon but also across the pond to the USA.

A New Chapter

Today, as I reflect on my journey, I can't help but feel immense gratitude for Amrit Basran. His mentorship was more than just business advice; it was a lifeline during one of the most challenging times in my entrepreneurial journey.

In conclusion, my story is a testament to the transformative power of finding the right mentor. Amrit Basran didn't just offer business strategies; he offered a roadmap to rediscovering passion, regaining control, and charting a path to continued success. To fellow entrepreneurs out there, never underestimate the power of a guiding hand, especially when it comes with a personal touch.

Warm regards,

Harry Singh

Amazon Entrepreneur

Panjab Radio 44,000 to 113,000

Panjab Radio

Company Background

Panjab Radio, a prominent Punjabi language radio station broadcasting on DAB and analogue radio frequency 558AM in Greater London and Home Counties, faced a significant challenge when it experienced a sudden drop in listenership shortly after Amrit Basran took over as CEO.

The Challenge

Amrit Basran stepped into the CEO role at Panjab Radio with a vision to enhance the station's listenership and revenue. However, within just two weeks of his appointment, the station's listenership dropped dramatically according to Rajar's listenership report. Competitor stations like Sunrise and Lyca Radio saw an increase in listeners, while Panjab Radio's weekly figure reached a low point of 44,000 listeners.

The Solution

Amrit Basran embarked on a transformative journey to turn around Panjab Radio's listenership and revenue figures. His deep understanding of human psychology and marketing played a pivotal role in his strategic approach.

Key Elements of Success:

Swift Action and Strategic Focus

Recognising the urgency of the situation, Amrit immediately concentrated on addressing the listenership decline as his top priority. He formulated a multi-faceted strategy to re-engage the audience.

Application of Marketing Tactics

Drawing from his extensive marketing expertise, Amrit implemented a range of marketing tactics to attract and retain listeners. These tactics included tailored promotional campaigns, engaging social media content, and interactive on-air contests.

Program Innovation

Amrit's innovative programming ideas injected fresh energy into Panjab Radio's content. He introduced captivating shows, interactive segments, and relevant discussions that resonated with the audience.

Human Psychology Insights

Amrit's understanding of human psychology allowed him to create content that is deeply connected with listeners' emotions, interests, and cultural preferences.

Data-Driven Approach

Amrit closely monitored listenership data and feedback to assess the effectiveness of his strategies. This data-driven approach allowed him to make informed adjustments to his tactics.

Impact and Outcomes:

Dramatic Turnaround

Within three months of Amrit Basran's strategic leadership, Panjab Radio's listenership surged from 44,000 weekly listeners to an impressive 92,000. This turnaround stunned the industry and demonstrated Amrit's ability to navigate challenges..

Continued Growth

Panjab Radio's listenership continued to grow, reaching 113,000 weekly listeners. This impressive achievement solidified the station's position as a leading player in the market.

Record-Breaking Average Listening Hours

Amrit's strategy not only brought in more listeners but also led to a significant increase in average listening hours per listener. Panjab Radio's 8.5 hours per listener outperformed competitors struggling to reach 6 hours/listener.

Revenue Tripled

As listenership and engagement increased, Panjab Radio's revenue saw a remarkable three-fold boost. This financial success underscored Amrit Basran's proficiency as a CEO and marketing expert.


Amrit Basran's strategic leadership and deep understanding of human psychology and marketing have revitalised Panjab Radio's listenership, revenue, and industry standing. His swift action, marketing prowess, and data-driven approach showcase his exceptional ability to navigate challenges and transform a struggling radio station into a thriving industry leader. The case study of Panjab Radio's journey under Amrit's guidance highlights his role as one of the best CEOs and marketing experts, illustrating how his expertise and innovation can reshape the trajectory of a business.

Pioneering Visionary in Business and Leadership

Amrit Basran

Amrit Basran stands at the forefront of the business and leadership landscape, shaping a visionary brand that embodies innovation and excellence. With a remarkable track record of transforming ideas into reality, Amrit's journey is a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit, strategic prowess, and commitment to mentorship.

Entrepreneurial Trailblazer:

What distinguishes Amrit is his strategic acumen. He possesses a unique ability to foresee emerging trends and steer his enterprises in the right direction. His impressive track record of revitalizing stagnant businesses exemplifies his visionary leadership.

Resilient Problem Solver

Amrit is renowned for his effectiveness in solving complex challenges. Thriving in high-pressure situations, he swiftly analyzes problems and implements innovative solutions that yield positive outcomes. His dedication to finding unconventional answers underscores his resilience and adaptability.

Dedicated Mentor

Beyond his entrepreneurial accomplishments, Amrit is deeply committed to mentorship. He actively supports and empowers emerging entrepreneurs and business professionals, sharing his wealth of knowledge and experiences to nurture the next generation of leaders.

Curiosity-Driven Explore

Amrit's interests extend beyond the boardroom. He is a passionate explorer, constantly seeking new experiences and cultures. This thirst for adventure fuels his creative thinking and infuses fresh perspectives into his professional endeavors.

Inspirational Speaker

Amrit is a highly sought-after speaker, captivating audiences with his insights into entrepreneurship, leadership, and innovation. His ability to articulate complex ideas with clarity and charisma positions him as an influential figure in the business world.

A Brand Beyond Name

Amrit Basran is not just a name; it is a brand synonymous with entrepreneurship, innovation, and visionary leadership. His journey from entrepreneur to mentor reflects his commitment not only to personal success but also to the growth and empowerment of others.

In summary, Amrit Basran is a dynamic force reshaping the landscape of business and leadership. His entrepreneurial achievements, strategic foresight, and dedication to mentorship make him a remarkable figure influencing the future of industries. As a brand, Amrit Basran represents innovation, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to excellence in all endeavors.

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